[Bioperl-l] job opening for a Perl Developer

Gavin Sherlock sherlock at genome.stanford.edu
Sun Jan 11 23:31:02 UTC 2009

Hi all,

Apologies if a job posting here is inappropriate for the list, but I  
thought it a good way to reach BioPerl developers.  I have a newly  
funded database (the Aspergillus Genome Database), which will reuse  
the code from the Candida Genome Database (which in turn was taken  
from SGD), and have an open position for a Perl programmer that I  
would like to fill ASAP.  The project us funded for the next 5 years.   
Most of the code is object oriented, and we use BioPerl for some of  
the sequence manipulations.  We will be doing significant development  
on the code base, and also want to make it much more robust by  
developing a test suite, which doesn't really exist at the moment.   
More information about the position (#33459), and is available at the  
Stanford jobs site:




Gavin Sherlock
Assistant Professor, Research
Dept. of Genetics
S201A, Grant Building,
Stanford University Medical School,
CA 94305-5120
Tel: 650 498 6012
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