[Bioperl-l] BioPerl 1.6 RC1

Alex Lancaster alexl at users.sourceforge.net
Fri Jan 2 20:53:35 UTC 2009

>>>>> "CF" == Christopher Fields  writes:


>>> If the Bio::Graphics is truly not needed, for the moment it is
>>> possible to also override and filter out the bogus Requires until
>>> such time as these scripts are moved to the appropriate place.
>> Great, go ahead and do that if you like.

CF> I'm not quite sure why we are attempting to RPM package up a
CF> release candidate unless it's strictly for the purposes of testing
CF> things out.  I anticipate the final 1.6 will be out in short
CF> period of time (within a few weeks).  Maybe this has already been
CF> answered, just haven't had time to read back along the thread yet.

The Fedora package for BioPerl is strictly being updated on the
development branch (aka "rawhide") of Fedora and is not being added to
any officially released "stable" versions of Fedora (i.e. F-9 and F-10
are staying at 1.5.2 until 1.6.x final is released and gets some
testing in rawhide).

In Fedora, it's common practice to package up release candidates on
the development branch as it shakes out problems with packaging and
can even (as it has in this case) identify issues in the upstream
tarballs.  In turn, that means that those problems can be fixed
upstream before the final release, rather than having to fix things in
the package by patching or otherwise modifying the upstream source

CF> Anyway, patience everyone.  This is an RC not a final release, and
CF> I anticipated that a few things would probably be screwy.  It
CF> appears only a few things need to be addressed and cleaned up
CF> prior to a final release, so overall RC1 did what I wanted
CF> (including uncovering an odd PAML bug according to CPAN Testers).

Right, I understand that this is a RC, not a final release, which is
why I'm reporting them now so hopefully things will work smoothly when
packaging BioPerl as an RPM in the final release.


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