[Bioperl-l] trunk version vs. branch version

Dave Messina David.Messina at sbc.su.se
Mon Feb 2 19:51:12 UTC 2009

> We could continue on with the alternating dev/stable (even/odd minor)
> versioning but not release the odd-numbered 'dev' versions to CPAN.  That
> would allow us to designate trunk as 1.007.
> The downside: do we want to risk another long wait between minor 'stable'
> releases?

Double-ick to this, too, I think. We've just shrugged off this yoke -- let's
not put it on again.

Kind of what I'm thinking, which is a nicer middle ground (it is pre-1.7,
> and is a stable target).

Yes, that makes sense.

So in this case then, devs wanting to require trunk (as opposed to release)
could say

use Bio::Root::Foo 1.6.9;

to explicitly target trunk (assuming 1.6.9 is the VERSION given to trunk)

or they could say

use Bio::Root::Foo 1.6.1;

which would mean trunk OR any 1.6.x point release that might be released
along the way to 1.7, thereby avoiding the need to reset the version
requirement when the a point release comes out.


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