[Bioperl-l] Bio::SearchIO::Writer::HTMLResultWriter problem

"Antonio J. Pérez" aperezp at uma.es
Fri Jan 19 11:49:31 UTC 2007

    Hi everybody, I am new in this list. I am trying to use a 
remoteBlast for a Bioinformatics course. I use the 
Bio::SearchIO::Writer::HTMLResultWriter module but I obtain a plain 
output without carriage returns. Could it be a bug or my code is wrong? 
I send enclosed a copy of my script, and the blast is implemented in:

   Please, could you help me? Thanks in advance,


Pd: I use the last BioPerl version

Antonio J. Pérez Pulido, PhD
Instituto Nacional de Bioinformática (INB)
Integrated Bioinformatics Node (GNV-5)
Facultad de Ciencias (Dpto. de Genética)
Campus Universitario de Teatinos
29071 Málaga (Spain)
http://www.ajperez.cjb.net / antoniojperez at uma.es
Tfno. +34 952 131 957

Try the server for protein function assigment (AnaGram):

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