[Bioperl-l] Test my bioperl 1.5.2-c PPD

Nathan S. Haigh n.haigh at sheffield.ac.uk
Wed Sep 27 13:59:14 UTC 2006

Sendu Bala wrote:
> Nathan S. Haigh wrote:
>> Is anyone willing to test out my PPD for Bioperl 1.5.2-c?
>> I've temporarily added the required files to my web server and added the
>> redirect workaround (which seems to work perfectly) to my httpd.conf
>> file. Simply point your PPM4 client to:
>> http://www.bioinf.shef.ac.uk/bioperl/DIST
> I don't have a windows machine to hand, and maybe this wouldn't be a
> problem when using the PPM4 client, but at least pointing a web
> browser there says:
> You don't have permission to access /bioperl/DIST/ on this server.
> Is that healthy?
It is healthy, because PPM4 will look for packages.xml at that location,
which it should find. The tags in packages.xml should then point to
specific locations for all the packages contained in the repository. It
simply, means that you can't index that directory for simple browsing.


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