[Bioperl-l] Package status for 1.5.2

Brian Osborne osborne1 at optonline.net
Mon Sep 25 14:09:07 UTC 2006


Yes I have but I'm puzzled since it doesn't seem to make a difference.
Example, I put this into the key module Bio::Network::ProteinNet:

use Graph .90;

Now there is no version .90, the latest is .80. I've even run 'make install'
to assure that all versions of this module on my machine bear this statement
yet still all the tests run fine. Same thing with the test code, it doesn't
seem to matter what version I require, existing or non-existent. How is this
supposed to work?

And it's not that Graph.pm doesn't state the version:

~/bioperl-network>grep -i version /Library/Perl/5.8.6/Graph.pm
use vars qw($VERSION);
$VERSION = '0.80';

Brian O.

On 9/25/06 8:25 AM, "Hilmar Lapp" <hlapp at gmx.net> wrote:

> BTW if you have a minimum version requirement that should go into the
> module 'use' as well, not just the test script. Maybe you had done
> that anyway already?

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