[Bioperl-l] using the libgd library

sergei ryazansky dr.hogart at gmail.com
Sun Sep 24 11:50:40 UTC 2006

Hello everybody,
may be my question will be very easy for programmers, but nevethelless: i  
want to use BioPerl::Grafics and for its correct work, according to  
HOWTO:Grafics, the libgd C library is necessary. I successfully installed  
it but I dont know how to use it for scripting :( : after installation I  
try to call example scripts Bio::Grafics  
(http://www.bioperl.org/wiki/Bioperl_scripts) but obtain the resulting  
Usage: lots_of_glyphs IMAGE_CLASS
         - where IMAGE_CLASS is one of GD or GD::SVG
         - GD generate png output; GD::SVG generates SVG.
My platform is WinXP.
Thanks in advance.


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