[Bioperl-l] Bptutorial.pl removed

Bernd Web bernd.web at gmail.com
Fri Sep 29 09:51:42 UTC 2006

Hi all,

I am somewhat surprised about the "no respsonse".
I remember that you prosposed to discontinue adding bptutorial.pl to
the distribution and I remember saying that I actually like that
bptutorial.pl is in the distribution, both for the tutorial and the
code examples (esp since i do not have 24/7 internet access ;-)
Anyway, in statistics of large numbers 1 == 0 :))

However, it looks like extra work to keep different versions in sync.
Actually, it is also nice to have one document that one can browse
through instead of only HOWTOs and FAQs. By the way, I noticed that in
1.5.0 there were FAQq in PDF and HTML format and those were absent in
the CVS tarball I downloaded 2 weeks ago. Was this intended?

I also think, like Torsten that it is good to have FAQ, tutorial and
HOWTOs in the package.

best regards,

On 9/29/06, Brian Osborne <osborne1 at optonline.net> wrote:
> bioperl-l,
> A few months ago I asked questions of bioperl-l in order to ascertain
> whether there was any value in attempting to maintain 2 copies of
> bptutorial, one in the Wiki and one in the package. Specifically I was
> asking whether there was anyone who thought the scripts in bptutorial.pl
> were valuable, there was no positive response. There was a comment about the
> value of a script in bptutorial.pl that served to trace through the
> inheritance of a given module, but this capability is now handled by the
> Deobfuscator online.
> Since the contents of bptutorial were moved to the Wiki I¹ve made some edits
> to the Wiki, so these two are now out of sync. Since they¹re out of sync
> it¹s best that the out-of-date copy be removed. Some have thought that the
> tutorial should be removed altogether from the Wiki by separating it into
> HOWTOs, that¹s another question. I happen to agree that this might be good,
> for the moment I¹m just concerned with keeping our documentation current.
> There was also discussion about creating files in the package that mirror
> the Wiki contents, also a good idea but no one has explored this, as far as
> I know (tools such as Text::MediawikiFormat could be used for this purpose).
> Brian O.
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