[Bioperl-l] test::more template

Chris Fields cjfields at uiuc.edu
Fri Oct 20 00:29:11 UTC 2006

> Nathan,
> > use strict;
> > use Bio::Root::IO;  # cant test for this, might be needed to get
> Test::More
> use File::Spec->catfile as Bio::Root::IO->catfile just delegates anyway,
> and File::Spec is "guaranteed" to be installed with Perl 5.6+.
> >     use lib Bio::Root::IO->catfile('t','lib');
> Simpler as:
> 	use lib 't/lib';
> I understand the 'lib.pm' accepts Unix style directories REGARDLESS of
> native
> platform.
> --
> Torsten Seemann
> Victorian Bioinformatics Consortium, Monash University, Australia

That is true, at least for WinXP (not sure about older Windows versions out
there).  I was using 'Root::IO->catfile' but found 'use lib 't/lib' works.
I may have a few of the 'catfile' versions floating around out there, which
may be where that originated.

Note that if you plan on using Test::More with the bioperl-run test suite,
you should add it to the bioperl-run CVS distribution directory in 't/lib'.
Most people will have it installed, but you never know.


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