[Bioperl-l] Should Bio::Tools::BPlite be deprecated?

Brian Osborne bosborne11 at verizon.net
Mon Oct 16 18:59:38 UTC 2006


OK. I _think_ this change shouldn't affect id_parser() but I will test this
in BlastIndex.t. The id_parser() method is relevant to all these Index*
modules - don't know how much it's used but it certainly is nice to have it

Brian O.

On 10/16/06 2:51 PM, "Sendu Bala" <bix at sendu.me.uk> wrote:

> Brian Osborne wrote:
>> Sendu,
>> I just made a commit that makes Bio::Index::Blast use SearchIO instead of
>> BPlite.
> I was concerned about the whole id_parser thing. Did you determine that
> your change still allows for id_parser to be used and have the intended
> effect, or that id_parser is in someway meaningless and should be
> removed as a method?

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