[Bioperl-l] NESCent Phyloinformatics Hackathon

Hilmar Lapp hlapp at gmx.net
Thu Oct 12 04:44:49 UTC 2006

(apologies in advance to those who receive this multiple times)

The National Evolutionary Synthesis Center (NESCent) in collaboration  
with Arlin Stoltzfus (U. Maryland, NIST), Aaron Mackey (GSK), Rutger  
Vos (UBC), and Mark Holder (FSU) sponsors a Phyloinformatics  
Hackathon to take place Dec 11-15 in Durham, NC.

The (wiki) website with more information and a formal proposal is at


In short, the goal is to leverage the Bio* toolkits to provide the  
"glue" for evolutionary analyses of various types that depend on  
automation, interoperability, and data integration.


The specific objectives are driven by "use cases", that is, specific  
target problems of interest to evolutionary biologists (click 'Use  
Cases' at the above website). We invite community input in order to  
focus efforts on the most urgent or pervasive problems. The wiki for  
the hackathon allows direct editing of the use cases after  
registration. You may also upload data files, or add comments to the  
"Forum" page. Alternatively, send email to hlapp at nescent.org. You  
may also contact any of the organizers with questions or comments.


The hackathon is scheduled for Dec 11-15, 2006 in Durham NC. Space is  
limited, and attendance is by invitation. If you have not been  
contacted but desire to attend, please contact Hilmar Lapp (hlapp at  


Hilmar Lapp (NESCent; hlapp at nescent.org)
Aaron Mackey (GSK; aaron.j.mackey at gsk.com)
Mark Holder (FSU; mholder at scs.fsu.edu)
Arlin Stoltzfus (CARB, NIST; arlin.stoltzfus at nist.gov)
Todd Vision (NESCent; tjv at bio.unc.edu)
Rutger Vos (UBC; rvosa at sfu.ca)

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