[Bioperl-l] Clean-up of Bio::Root::IO

Chris Fields cjfields at uiuc.edu
Fri Oct 6 15:03:45 UTC 2006

On Oct 6, 2006, at 9:03 AM, Hilmar Lapp wrote:

> This is a 1.5, i.e. developers release that's in the works, and also
> you'd be doing this on the main trunk. If you get the tests to pass
> there's no reason to hold back.
> You may be right and in reality it has repercussions somewhere, but
> those will be the opportunities to improve our test suite.
> 	-hilmar

Agreed, though I think Sendu only wants bug fixes for 1.5.2.  You  
could always commit to CVS HEAD and it could be in 1.5.3.

Let me rethink that.  There were some subtle tempfile/tempdir issues  
that were popping up on WinXP where the some tempfiles were not being  
deleted b/c of permissions issues; I had planned on adding that to  
Bugzilla today or tomorrow.  Maybe changing to File::Temp would fix  
that, so in essence it would be a bug fix!

I'll go ahead and post the bug.


>> Although all tests pass with my new trim Bio/Root/IO.pm I am still
>> concerned about committing as the assumption is that the BioPerl
>> test suite is good enough to handle such a change to an important
>> module, but the reality may be different :-)
>> Let me know if you think I should commit anyway,
>> Your advice is appreciated.
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