[Bioperl-l] Bio::DB::SwissProt Error

Sendu Bala bix at sendu.me.uk
Thu Oct 5 13:21:23 UTC 2006

Marc Weimer wrote:
>   my $db_obj = new Bio::DB::SwissProt(-verbose=>1);
>   my $seq_obj = $db_obj->get_Seq_by_acc('P43780');
> using Bioperl 1.4-1 I get the error message
>   ------------- EXCEPTION: Bio::Root::Exception -------------
>   MSG: swissprot stream with no ID. Not swissprot in my book
> Any suggestions?

It works with the latest Bioperl. I'm not sure if 1.5.1 works (the most 
recent official release), but 1.5.2 does 
(http://bioperl.org/wiki/Release_1.5.2), as does a checkout from CVS 

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