[Bioperl-l] removing sequences from a database?

Hilmar Lapp hlapp at gmx.net
Wed Feb 22 05:20:05 UTC 2006

This is a pretty old posting :-) Sure you can remove sequences. In
fact you can remove any persistent object by calling $pobj->remove().
I.e., for a persistent sequence (which is what you get from the
adaptors): $pseq->remove()

Do not forget to call commit() on the persistence adaptor or the
persistent object itself or otherwise the operation is rolled back
when you disconnect.

BTW there are examples for objects other than the sequence object
itself (say you want to remove only the features) in the
scripts/biosql directory; some of the --mergeobjs closure examples do


On 2/21/06, Chris Fields <cjfields at uiuc.edu> wrote:
> I think this has been posed once but I couldn't find a straight answer on
> the mailing list; is there a way to remove sequences in a BioSQL database
> using bioperl-db?  This is the last I heard about it:
> http://portal.open-bio.org/pipermail/bioperl-l/2001-November/006570.html
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> Dept. of Biochemistry
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