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Praveen Raj praveecbt at yahoo.co.in
Wed Feb 15 08:57:44 UTC 2006

Dear  Peter Schattner Sir,
                                       I have one problem with the profile_align() of  Clustalw object.
  I have given the code like this,
  12 @seq_array=($seqobj1,$seqobj2,$seqobj3);
13 $seq_array_ref=\@seq_array;
  14 $aln=$factory->align($seq_array_ref);
  15 print $out $aln;   # this works fine
  16 $sen = Bio::Seq->new(-display_id => '>gi|userdata|',
17                      -seq => "MTKKPGGPGKNRA....",
18                      -format => "fasta");
19 $aln=$factory->profile_align($aln,$sen); #problem here
  20 print $out1 $aln;
  I have got one error like this in Line No. 19
  ERROR: Could not open sequence file (-profile) 
  No. of seqs. read = -1. No alignment!
  How I can I solve this problem?
  Hope you provide a proper solution.
                           Thanking you,
                                         Praveen Raj,
                                         Project Student,
                                         NIV, India.

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