[Bioperl-l] Fetching genomic sequences based on HUGO names or GeneIDs

Harry Mangalam hjm at tacgi.com
Sun Feb 12 06:46:38 UTC 2006

Hi All,

After perusing the tutorial and other docs for a an evening, I still can't 
find the answer to this.  Forgive me if I've missed something obvious.

This should not be a novel request, but I've not found it answered.  If 
bioperl isn't the best way to do this, I'd be grateful to a pointer to a 
better way, especially if it includes an illuminating bit of code.

The problem is to retrieve genomic sequences plus & minus some offset from a 
locus determined by HUGO keyword or GeneID.  This would be a common followup 
chore for some extra analysis from a gene expression expt.  Or maybe this is 
in the DBFetch routines, but I've missed the sequence type to specify...?


Cheers, Harry
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