[SPAM] [Bioperl-l] how to find the gene's name ?

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You followed up by saying that you were using Swissprot. You may want to
take a look the Feature-Annotation HOWTO, since most of the information in
Swissprot is stored as Annotations in Bioperl.

Also, you mentioned that you'd created your own database for Swissprot data.
This is not necessary, the combination of Bioperl and the Bioperl package
bioperl-db and Biosql creates a database (Mysql, Oracle, or Postgres) that
you can load Swissprot into, the loading scripts are available as well. A
number of Bioperl users have been talking using these tools for Swissprot.

Brian O.

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I don't know how to find the gene's name using bioperl.
To find it, I have to use Bio::LiveSeq::Gene;
But when I try to affich the gene's name by writing
        print FILE 'genus = '.$seq->LiveSeq::Gene->name()."\n";

it doesn't work.
So, how must I do to use a package which is in an under file of bioperl ?

Laure Quintric

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