[Bioperl-l] A question about Bio::Graphics

Zhongwu.Lai at ari.altanapharma.com Zhongwu.Lai at ari.altanapharma.com
Thu Mar 25 18:28:19 EST 2004


I'm wondering whether someone can help me on how to show a description in 
Bio::Graphics on left, or right side of the Glyph, instead of below.  I'm 
using following code:

my $track = $panel->add_track(-glyph       => 'graded_segments',
                              -label       => 1,
                              -connector   => 'dashed',
                              -bgcolor     => 'blue',
                              -font2color  => 'red',
                              -sort_order  => 'high_score',
                              -description => sub {
                                 my $feature = shift;
                                 return unless 
                                 my ($description) = 
                                 my $score = $feature->score;
                                 "$description, score=$score";
However, the description is by default always below the glyph.  As UCSC 
genome browser has demonstrated, it can be put on side.  But I couldn't 
find the right option.

Your time and help is greatly appreciated!


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