[Bioperl-l] Re: Pedro's haplotype block/tag system in

Pedro.X.Gomez-Fabre at gsk.com Pedro.X.Gomez-Fabre at gsk.com
Thu Mar 25 04:10:42 EST 2004

"Ewan Birney" <birney at ebi.ac.uk> wrote on 24/03/2004 23:21:46:

> I've just committed Pedro's haplotype block tagger and tests. I still 
> to review the code (eg, it has Data::Dumper and Storeable, which I will
> remove - Pedro - do you use Data::Dumper or Storeable actually in the
> methods?)

I have removed Data::Dumper from the modules. I used it for testing.

I do use Storable to copy (clone) some structures (i.e. list of lists) in 
HtSNP.pm on:

use Storable qw(dclone);
    $self -> {'w_pop_freq'}     = dclone ( $self ->pattern_freq() );
    $self->{snp_type}->{useful_snp} = dclone ( $self ->snp_ids() );
    $self -> {'split_hap'} = dclone ($out);
    @$arr= @{dclone(\@outValues)};
    @$hap = @{dclone $out};

If there any other module I should be using instead I'll be glad to know.

Thanks Ewan and Jason for review.

> Anyway, they are in a tests pass (at least over here!)

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