[Bioperl-l] scf.pm and weird scf-writers

Chad Matsalla matsallac at agr.gc.ca
Mon Mar 22 16:43:32 EST 2004

Because of a 'feature' discovered by Anthony Underwood (Hi Anthony!) I
made a
change to scf.pm.

The original specification for scf as found here:
allows the program writing scf to place base information before sample
information in the file. I did not detect that behavior in any of my
so I read the samples and then the bases sequentially.

I changed scf.pm to 'seek' around the file looking for information
on what is contained in the header rather then assuming a given
behaves logically.

I wasn't able to find a 'seek' in and of the bioperl IO modules so I
a perl call. I hope that doesn't break any platform-specific seek

Chad Matsalla

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