[Bioperl-l] Bio::Tools::Genewise

Bill Dirks bdirks at uclink.berkeley.edu
Thu Mar 18 19:25:43 EST 2004

I believe there is an error in the synopsis section of Bioperl::Tools::Genewise The line that 
my $gw = Bio::Tools::Genewise(-file=>"genewise.out"); 
It should be, I believe: my $gw = Bio::Tools::Genewise->new(-file=>"genewise.out"); 
I, however, still can't the synopsis to work. I put the output of the genewise example: genewise 
road.pep human.genomic > genewise.out and tried the synopsis sample script. However, 
$gw->next_prediction does not return anything. Does anyone have any ideas why? 

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