[Bioperl-l] Change SVG image to PNG or other image format.

Todd Harris harris at cshl.edu
Wed Mar 17 07:49:14 EST 2004

Yuhui - 

Currently there are no options for setting the size of the SVG image upon
generation.  This would be a nice enhancement.  Still, it's primary purpose
is to generate a high quality image, not for navigation on the web.

Why do you want to convert the SVG to PNG?  The default behavior of the
browser is to export PNG images.  There are several projects under
development to create rasterized images from vector data - see autotrace at
sourceforge for one.


> On 3/16/04 7:01 PM, Yuhui wrote:

> Hi,
> How do I change SVG image format to PNG format? btw
> the svg file, when i click it, it displays a image
> that is too big, and i cant find a way to show a
> smaller SVG image except to zoom out manually. Is
> there any way to make the svg image smaller when i
> view it, and rotate it b4 i change it to png format?
> Thanks.
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