[Bioperl-l] seeking advice about setting up a local GenBank mirror

Michael Cariaso Cariaso at yahoo.com
Wed Mar 10 13:59:52 EST 2004

This is not a strictly bioperl question so I'll take non-bioperl related 
answers offline.

I need to setup a local mirror of most of GenBank (I don't need the ESTs 
or indexes). There seems to be several ways to achieve this, but no 
single definitive solution. I'd like to keep the files in their gzipped 
form. And my copies don't need to be too fresh, up to a week old should 
be acceptable. Can anyone recommend, or warn me away from *ANY* of these 

Is there a suitable part of bioperl?

Has anyone used BioMirror.pm?

What about ftpmirror?

What about mirror? (It's hard to find a current copy, the word is too 
common. Is anyone still using this?)

I'm about 10 miles away from the NIH, and not connected to the I2 
network. Is there any reason to prefer mirroring off of

Michael Cariaso

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