[Bioperl-l] Getting values from a GenBank File

Heikki Lehvaslaiho heikki at ebi.ac.uk
Fri Mar 5 05:39:44 EST 2004


I like your RichSeq breakdown! It would make a great addition into BioPerl 
howtos. Would you be interested in converting it into DocBook yourself? 


On Thursday 04 Mar 2004 20:30, Barry Moore wrote:
> While learning BioPerl, I've spent a good bit of time trying to figure
> out where some bit of information in a GenBank file might be tucked away
> in that RichSeq object, and how the hell to get at it.  I finally
> decided it was time to sift through that object and find out what's in
> there and where it is.  Along the way I wrote down  what I found, and
> then added a bit to it to try and turn it into something that I would
> like to have found when I first started learning Bioperl.  The result is
> a "GeneBank-file-centric" crib sheet for Bioperl.  The document is
> centered around a "standard" GenBank file where each seperate item of
> information is marked-up with  numbers and codes that refer to
> information later in the document about how to get at that particular
> value in using BioPerl.  It also includes a script at the end that can
> be modified easily to get at all the major stuff in the GenBank file.
> This document is aimed at beginners to BioPerl, but assumes a working
> knowledge of Perl.  The file is, of course, free to be used by anyone in
> anyway that they wish.  I'd appreciate any corrections or improvements
> if you find errors or shortcomings.
> Barry

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