[Bioperl-l] Sequence search

KHOUEIRY pierre khoueiry at ibsm.cnrs-mrs.fr
Tue Mar 2 06:00:34 EST 2004

Hi all,
I'm searching in bioperl for methods that can detect in a protein 
sequence a subseq rich in a special amino acids. In other way, I want to 
find _per example_ if there is subsequence of 12 aa (sliding window)  
that contains at least 7 (valin + leucine) in a given sequence of 400 
aa. I need to progress amino acid by amino acid using my sliding window
I appreciate any help,


Pierre Khoueiry	
khoueiry at ibsm.cnrs-mrs.fr
31, Chemin Joseph Aiguier,
13402 Marseille CEDEX 20, France

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