[Bioperl-l] Pretty Output of Alignments

Barry Moore barry.moore at genetics.utah.edu
Wed Feb 18 16:49:01 EST 2004

Oopps!  Forgot to sign that post.

Are there modules in Bioperl that produce shaded and colored output of 
multiple sequence alignments in various formats (PS, RTF, HTML) similar 
to what can be made with tools like BOXSHADE, TEXshade, Alscript.  I'm 
pretty sure that the answer is no, but thought I'd check to be sure.  I 
know that there are Bioperl wrappers for the EMBOSS and PISE  versions 
these tools, but wanted something that could be tweaked for more control 
over the output than those allow.

Barry Moore
Dept. of Human Genetics
University of Utah

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