[Bioperl-l] Re: Bioperl in 2005 (Jason Stajich)

Venky Nandagopal venkat at calmail.berkeley.edu
Thu Dec 30 04:53:40 EST 2004


I haven't written to the list a lot in the past, nor have I followed it  
closely, but I do use Bioperl every day in my research and I think this is  
an amazingly useful resource you guys have created. Thank you. I hope you  
all have a wonderful 2005.

In re some of the things that Jason mentioned, it would be useful to have  
a link on the website with a brief tutorial on how to write a bioperl  
compliant module. What are the guidelines, what classes should be  
inherited from, formats etc. For example, I've got a spidey parser lying  
somewhere, and I could probably quickly hack it up to be useful for  
others, but I'm reluctant to invest the time to read through the existing  
code to figure out what rules I should be following. I'm not a perl  
expert, but I'm not a novice either, and fairly technical guidelines would  
work fine. If something like this exists already, a pointer to it would be  
great and ignore everything else I said.

Thanks for your time.

Venky Nandagopal
Graduate Student
Eisen Lab
UC Berkeley

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