[Bioperl-l] searching Bioperl archives

Chris Fields cjfields at uiuc.edu
Fri Dec 17 10:32:22 EST 2004

At 06:08 PM 12/16/2004, Wes Barris wrote:
>Barry Moore wrote:
>>Google with site:bioperl.org.
>>Chris Fields wrote:
>>>Is there a direct way to search the Bioperl list archives?  Using the 
>>>openbio search form doesn't seem to work for the email archives.
>I would think that there should be a search option right on the
>bioperl list archive pages.  That is where most people would look
>for it.

If the page you're referring to is:


then the answer is, strangely, no.  I tried searching for a few previous 
posts of mine (as a test) and couldn't find anything.  I could have sworn 
that I had searched the bioperl mail lists using this interface before!

The Google option works well (thanks Barry; I didn't think of trying it 
that way), but shouldn't there be a way to search through the archives from 
the open-bio interface?


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