[Bioperl-l] sequence upgrading

Marc Logghe Marc.Logghe at devgen.com
Thu Jun 26 11:54:28 EDT 2003

Hi Hilmar,
> You mean a copy-constructor? I'm afraid no.
> You could re-bless it -- but you'd be on your own if you do this ...

I'd burn lonely in hell ;-)

> If you know the attributes you want to copy you could pass them as 
> named parameters all together as one call.
> Care to write a copy-constructor for e.g. Bio::Seq and 
> Bio::Seq::RichSeq?

This does not allow 'upgrading' then, only deep copying of Seq objects of
the same class ?
I'd have to think more about that problem and do some Bio::Perl homework (I
do not know enough of the internals of Bio::Perl). This copy constructor
should, in my opinion, also allow upgrading and maybe also downgrading of
sequence objects (kind of 'inter-class copying' ?).
But currently I don't exactly know how you can approach this problem. It
should be generic enough to deal with all Seq classes and future Seq classes
and know whether conversion of SeqClass1 to SeqClass2 is actually down- or
Or am I making this too complicated ?

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