[Bioperl-l] StandAloneBlast (bl2seq) v. 2.2.6 problems

David Arenillas dave at cmmt.ubc.ca
Wed Jun 25 11:58:15 EDT 2003

I recently tried running StandAloneBlast (bl2seq) against version 2.2.6 of 
BLAST and it seems to just hang. When I reverted my BLAST version back to 
2.2.5 it worked fine. Has anyone else encountered this? I'm using bioperl 

My code is just the standard:
my $factory = Bio::Tools::Run::StandAloneBlast->new(@params);
my $report = $factory->bl2seq($seq1, $seq2);

The bl2seq call never returns. The temp file for the bl2seq report gets 
created but is empty.


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