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Juguang Xiao juguang at
Fri Jun 20 13:36:45 EDT 2003

> You could alternatively use something like Java webservices which 
> would use SOAP to pass objects - this is designed to be language 
> independent but the details of which version of SOAP to use are still 
> unclear (an IBM / Microsoft thing - I hear).

We have tried this one year ago, in ensembl project. Actually the 
person in charge of testing SOAP solution is me :-), another colleague 
to test CORBA. We have found they are not easy way, because you need to 
write a sort of wrappers or adaptors for both java and perl object to 
suit that standard.

Moreover, you need to spend your valuable time to top up the computer 
knowledge on that and implement it, even learn to use it. When coming 
back to the original penny tiny problem, it is probably unworthy. ( 
That is my 2 cents what I learn when trying to convert myself from a 
computer programmer to bioinformatics engineer. )


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