[Bioperl-l] Bio::FeatureHolderI interface confusion

Chris Mungall cjm at fruitfly.org
Wed Jun 18 16:22:26 EDT 2003

Ok, here's a constructive suggestion

(1) add mutability operations to the SeqFeatureI interface, as Hilmar

(2) do something about this rather confusing inheritance structure

SeqFeatureI   FeatureHolderI
    ^           ^      ^
    +--------+  |      +-----------+
             |  |                  |
             SF::Generic          SeqI

If I'd drawn this out earlier it might have helped clarify things in my
mind, or at least shine some light on my lack of clarity.

This seems like a weird structure to me. Either FeatureHolderI is
something that applies to features or it isn't. If it applies, then
shouldn't SeqFeatureI inherit from it? If not then it seems like a
superfluous interface that could be folded into SeqI

Hilmar's point about criticism vs contribution is well taken. It's very
easy to moan from the sidelines and not come up with an actual solution.
However, whilst I'm all for collaborative coding, I'm not really in favour
of committee based design. Besides, my own cranky ideas about design are
so polar opposite to what is in bioperl right now I feel that my
contributions would be detrimental here. I actually think I'm more
constructive moaning from the sidelines. Except when major chaos and
confusion ensues and propagates, like now.

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