[Bioperl-l] RE: Bio::FeatureHolderI interface confusion

Nathan (Nat) Goodman natg at shore.net
Tue Jun 17 18:38:24 EDT 2003

Hi Chirs

Right on!  I couldn't agree more!!  In fact, I made a series of similar
points in my O'Reilly Biocon talk on BioPerl Myths vs. Reality
and kindly also available on OpenBio at

I still use BioPerl -- indeed my group and I do a lot of BioPerl
development -- because it's really useful despite the warts.  The value of
community software development is immense and outweighs the technical
deficiencies of the system.  But it sure would be nice to have a cleaned up,
slimmed down version whose architecture made it easy to understand what's
going on instead of obfuscating the obvious :) Oh well.  In another life


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