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There's been little discussion of OBDA. On the other hand, it hasn't been
well publicized. It's known to Bioperl insiders and those who attend
bioinformatics meetings but I assume that many Bioperl users are neither
insiders nor attenders. For quite some time I would wonder "What is this
OBDA that they're talking about?" and "What is this registry that they keep
talking about?" With a publication and some more publicity at bioperl.org
there should be more interest, particularly amongst the "power users".

What I've done is taken the doc/howto/BIODATABASE_ACCESS.txt file and
converted it to Docbook, so we can put it up on the Web sites, this will
increase the visibility of OBDA a bit. The authors are Lincoln, Heikki,
Peter S., me, and Aaron. You might want to double-check it, though I've done
little editing.

Brian O.

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> I've been playing with OBDA and everything works well, and the notion
> of
> unifying all one's sequence retrievals with a single user interface is
> an
> excellent one.

Annoying and provocative question, but important for future hackathons:
has anybody seen any traffic on the list with regards to the
Registry/OBDA system? Is it being used at all? Could it be because
people usually decide which sequence retrieval system (flat,
relational, perl, java) they like and never bother using more than one?


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