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AUnderwood@PHLS.org.uk AUnderwood@PHLS.org.uk
Wed, 29 May 2002 14:49:46 +0100

I would be very greatful for anybody's  help with this bioperl problem:
I am using seqIO with the "newFh coomand) e.g
$in = Bio::SeqIO->newFh(-file => "inputfilename" , '-format' => 'Fasta');
$out = Bio::SeqIO->newFh(-file => "outputfilename" '-format' => 'Genbank');
print $out $_ while <$in>;
However although this writes the outputfilename file correctly, if I try to
read this file in in the next line e.g
open(TEMP, "C:/TB/temp.gbk") || die "Cannot open file
\"/tmp/Sequences/TB/temp.gbk\" \n";
@temp =<TEMP>;
close TEMP;
print @temp;

Only part of the file is read (misses the last 50 lines). If I read the file
with the same lines but in a standalone script it works fine. 

Please can you tell me how to close the filehandle specified in the $out
Any help on how this can be achieved/problem solved would be much

Dr Anthony Underwood
Bioinformatics Unit
Central Public Health Laboratory
61 Colindale Avenue
t:    0208 2004400 ext. 3618
f:    0208 3583138
e: aunderwood@phls.org.uk

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