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On Saturday, February 9, 2002, at 03:13  PM, Jason Stajich wrote:

>   * XML parsers.  We're looking to converge on using 1 perl XML parser 
> in
>     the future.  We want to go with SAX2 compliant parsers, but I think
>     that we are still having some debates about what is speediest.  My
>     guess is that we'll leave things as they are for 1.00 but expect to
>     retool the internals of any modules that use an XML parser and
>     converge on a single solution where possible.
I'm not exactly the perl-xml expert, but I think the perl-xml community 
(at least the perl-xml list) is trying to build some standard SAX 
interfaces so that all the perl SAX parsers will use the same API.  Then 
it wouldn't matter which SAX parser you have installed - any one that 
follows the spec will do.

So converging can likely be to an interface, not to an implementation.  
I expect there will be some spirited competition in xml parsers for a 
while yet.

Quote from a recent post by Matt Sargeant:

Currently you have three options: XML::SAX::PurePerl, XML::SAX::Expat and
XML::LibXML::SAX::Parser (oh, and XML::Parser::PerlSAX +
XML::Filter::SAX1toSAX2). Your best bet is probably XML::SAX::Expat,
because it's lightweight and fast, and we're working on a pure XS version
(at the moment it's built on top of XML::Parser), which is nearing

(end quote)

There is a description of the interface at




(sorry if my mailer wraps that line)

Hope this helps the decision making!


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