[Bioperl-l] Blast parsing exception

Marc Logghe MarcL@DEVGEN.com
Mon, 22 Oct 2001 09:16:34 +0200

Thanks for the reply Hilmar,
The version is:
$Id: Blast.pm,v 1.19 2001/05/16 14:57:44 heikki Exp $
It behaves the same on al Linux and WindowsNT box (same version of Bioperl
installed 0.9.0).
In my previous post I presented a fix. Forget about it. I must have been
dreaming. It is more complicated than that.
In the _get_parse_blast_func subroutine 3 possible chunk types are
mentioned. I think the problem is there are more of them 
##   1. Header with description section,
##   2. An alignment section for a single hit, or
##   3. The final alignment section plus the footer section.
In my case eg, a chunk contained 'The final alignment section plus the
footer section' of report x plus complete report x+1 (no hits) plus complete
report x+2 (no hits neither) + header/description section of report x+3. And
what if a multiple report stream starts with a 'no hits' report ?
It is also not clear to me yet whether a 'no hit' report is parsed or not,
eg is the _name property of the query set or not. Anyhow, when I find the
time I'll try to find this out today.
To answer the question about the report type: Blastp output produced by NCBI
Blast 2.2.1 (see snippet one of my previous postings)
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> Marc Logghe wrote:
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> > Found the bug. When I commented out completely this code 
> snippet from
> > Bio::Tools::Blast
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> >               # Incyte_Fix:   Nasty Invisible Bug.
> Which version are you using, and which report type? I remember I
> fixed this myself couple of months ago already, as it was reported
> several times. I thought I was fine meanwhile. -hilmar
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