[Bioperl-l] Simple question w/ BPLite

Tomso.Daniel tomso@niehs.nih.gov
Thu, 11 Oct 2001 16:49:25 -0400


I've got a vexing problem that will certainly reveal my
ignorance--sorry if this is obvious, but please help me out if you

I'm parsing blast reports w/ Bio::Tools::BPlite.

I've got a bit of code that evaluates subjects/HSPs and finds some
that look interesting.

I pass the subject to another subroutine and then do some more

However, the pointer to the next HSP has already been advanced by the
first subroutine.

Is there a way to back the HSP pointer up to the first one in the
subject?  Similarly, can you back the pointer up in the report object
to point at the first  subject again?


Dan T.
Daniel J. Tomso
Laboratory of Computational Biology and Risk Analysis
National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences

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