[Bioperl-l] Request for direction

Manjunath Ranganathappa Manjunath Ranganathappa" <manju_88@rediffmail.com
10 Oct 2001 05:13:13 -0000


 I am Manjunath from India; I am working on creation of fully integrated information system for specific protein. I am suppose to collect related sequences from Swiss-Prot database from keyword search, I am able to get sequences by giving Swiss Id or accession number using bioperl module called Bio::DB::SwissProt;
I need help how to get sequences by keywords using bioperl module. Which bioperl module I should use?  
The module should accept set of keywords from the user and search in swiss-prot database online if the any entry matching this key word in any lines (AC, ID, DE, GN, OS, OC, OX, RX, RC, RA, RT, RL, CC, DR, KW, FT) that entry should be fetched to the local directory, each entry should be saved separately but not in one file, the entries should be in Swiss-Prot format.   
Thanks in advance 
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