[Bioperl-l] With regard to Bsml and Agave modules...

Charles Tilford charles.tilford@bms.com
Tue, 09 Oct 2001 09:53:34 -0400

The SeqIO::bsml.pm module is ready for release, Nathan and I are
awaiting final approval from BMS to place it in the public domain.
There appear to be no objections from the powers-that-be for releasing
the module, though I am uncertain how much time the remaining
paperwork will take.


"Jean-Jack M. Riethoven" wrote:
> Dear group,
> I read with interest some weeks ago the announcement on the work that is
> been done on the SeqIO AGAVE and Bsml XML modules for BioPerl. At that time
> I didn't think it was opportune to bud in, but nowadays things have been
> tested thouroughly here so here is my announcement as well:
> The EBI has in the XEMBL project made available to the public a tool that
> can be used to retrieve EMBL nucleotide sequence information (+full
> annotations) in either Bsml or AGAVE format.
> Sequences can be retrieved via the web form at http://www.ebi.ac.uk/xembl/,
> or via the CGI script directly that is called on that page. XEMBL has also
> been integrated in EBI's emblfetch service, and it is running as a SOAP
> server as well. See detailed info at the above url.
> XEMBL gets its information via CORBA from our replicated EMBL database
> (updated twice a week from the production database).
> The relevance of XEMBL to this group is that the output from XEMBL can be
> used in conjunction with the BioPerl AGAVE and Bsml modules to extract and
> post-process/analyse EMBL nucleotide sequence information in any way that
> you see fit.
> With kind regards,
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