[Bioperl-l] Local database building

Jason Raymond jasonraymond@asu.edu
Thu, 04 Oct 2001 20:27:13 -0700

Another newbie question for the group :).  I'm trying to setup a local
database from several sets of Fasta-formatted genomes, and I'm hoping to get
a rough step-by-step on how to do this (or where to read more on this).
Most of this data is in the format:

>orf1@contig16@8@8 35 745 Predicted orf
>orf3@contig21@8@12 35 431 Predicted orf

would this be something that can be 'smoothly' built into a database so that
I can later retrieve sequences with Perl scripts?  Also, as of right now I
have about 10 different files in this format, and I would ideally like them
all to be in one single database.  Is this feasible?
Thanks again!