[Bioperl-l] Re: missing Bio::SeqFeatureProducer::MZEF

hilmar.lapp@pharma.Novartis.com hilmar.lapp@pharma.Novartis.com
Fri, 15 Sep 2000 14:33:29 +0100

Yes, it is. I have no idea why it is missing, if that was me, it was
certainly accidentally. I assume you are talking about the head, and not
about the branch.


James Gilbert <jgrg@sanger.ac.uk> on 15.09.2000 10:57:15

To:   HILMAR LAPP/PH/Novartis@PH
cc:   BioPerl <bioperl-l@bioperl.org>
Subject:  missing Bio::SeqFeatureProducer::MZEF

Hi Hilmar,

Is this one of your modules?  It is missing from
the bioperl-live repository (so tests fail).


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