Bioperl: off topic Beowulf question

Jonathan Epstein
Mon, 06 Mar 2000 09:40:35 -0500

A bit off-topic, but you should never have to edit the makefile ... you
should be able to do whatever you want from the Unix command line.  The
makefiles are quite hairy, but they're that way because they offer lots of
flexibility, e.g., the ability to compile without using Motif.

If you need help with this then try writing to

-Jonathan (former maintainer of these makefiles)

At 06:31 PM 3/3/00 , Nathan O. Siemers wrote:
>We've had a cluster running blast for almost 6 months now.  We don't
>use it as a backend for a web blast page, but for batch computation.
>We have had good experiences with the free PBS queuing system.  No
>special problems compiling the ncbi toolkit for the cluster, other
>than the usual headaches (remove parts of the makefile that need
>motif, etc). 

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