Bioperl: off topic Beowulf question

Chris Dagdigian
Sun, 05 Mar 2000 14:21:09 -0500

I'll chime in as well :)

I have a small prototype (8x dual-CPU nodes) system from VALinux that I've been too busy to
even plug in yet. I'm interested in clusters of commodity hardware
for 2 particular uses:

o parallel computing -- investigating performance of MPI-aware
algorithims and software that can run concurrently against the entire
cluster of linux boxes. Should be able to get amazing bang for the
buck performance wise if you have the inhouse talent to handle
the software side of things.

o distributed blast searching -- farming out searches to cheap linux/BSD boxes
that have large memory and a single fast disk. I'm interested in clusters where
the databases are stored locally on disk as well as fooling around with trying
the same thing but having some type of fast read-only fiber-channel or NFS
over gigabit ethernet subsystem providing access to a much larger set of searchable
databases. (currently I have close to 380gigs of blastable databases that I need
to maintain)

If nobody else has done this I am more than willing to set up some type of
email list or web discussion forum that runs off of or If this
would be reinventing the wheel than I'd appreciate any URL's or additional info from


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