Bioperl: BLAST-problem again
Tue, 25 Jan 2000 18:01:23 +0100

(Bioperl: latest version)

Hi folks,

was trying to blast thousands of sequences. Since I wanted to have both 1000
descriptions and 1000 alignments, I was a little bit confused when I only got
the default number of desc. and alignments. I then tried to find out whether or
not this was due to the blast parameters, but it was not: when I sent the same
RID via NCBI web interface I got all I wanted!

I used Steve's - script (had to add a while loop to avoid
getting only the intermediate update page as a result); now, since I am quite
new to Perl and much more so to Bioperl, my questions are: (1) Has anybody come
up with a solution yet (apparently some others have had the same problems...)?
(2) Is it possible that the error resides in one of the HTTP modules that Steve
used in his script?


Thanks for Bioperl - 'tis a great project!
Dr. Wulf Dirk Leuschner
Epidauros Biotechnologie AG
Am Neuland 1
D-82347 Bernried
Tel.:    ++49-(0)8158-99 85 53
FAX:    ++49-(0)8158-99 85 48

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