Bioperl: Project volunteers

John Peden
Tue, 11 Jan 2000 11:34:48 -0000


I expect there may be a number of lurkers on this list who are slightly
confused as to where they should start supporting bioperl. I regularly write
perl but most of it is rather crude and I realise that there must be more
elegant/efficient ways to code much of it, I rarely use objects and I am
unfamiliar with the literature on Project or Object design.

If I am to contribute to bioperl I will need to improve my Perl. Is there
any documentation available on what standards bioperl modules should be
written to, or any naming conventions? Are there any modules that represent
good/perfect bioperl code? Perhaps more controversially are there modules
which are not so good ? would anyone be willing to briefly explain the main
faults of the module.


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