Bioperl: Perl Modules...

Ewan Birney
Fri, 20 Mar 1998 09:25:31 GMT

hi bio-perler's...

At the sanger centre we have been making a collection of Perl Modules
which we find useful internally. This has started to grow, with other
people wanting to use the modules, and some people wanting to add back
to the system.

The web page for the modules are

The collection is not as well 'pruned' in any sense as the bio::
heirarchy, but you might be interested in looking at some of the
functionality. In particular, the EMBL:: set of modules from Matt
Pocock is quite an interesting set up. We also have some ace stuff. I
myself contributed my battered Sequence and Align modules which you
are probably not interested in.

If you have any comments, or things that you think can be improved,
or things that you think could be nicked from our set up - please
have a look.

At the moment I am not well publicising the pages, because we haven't
sorted out all the systems to maintain the collection quite yet.


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