Bioperl: Bioperl requirements & OMG

Steve A. Chervitz
Fri, 6 Mar 1998 04:34:46 -0800 (PST)

At the last Life Science Research (OMG) meeting (9-13 Feb 98) I was asked 
to put together a list of requirements for the Bioperl component framework I 
am developing. This list will be submitted to the LSR group as an appendix 
to our original RFI response. It is due by 9 March. 

There is a strong interest within the LSR to develop specifications for a 
framework of interoperable components. The framework they envision would 
allow you to plug in different analysis tools and other modules and would 
permit the construction of complex applications and pipelines. Pretty 

I've put together a preliminary list of requirements that is ready for 
your feedback. Many of these requirements pertain to our modules in 
general, and not just frameworks of modules. Let me know what you think.


Steve Chervitz


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