Bioperl-ANNOUNCE Re: question:bioperl remote blast error

Steve Chervitz (Steve A. Chervitz)
Wed, 12 Jan 2000 03:41:51 -0800 (PST)

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I've just uploaded a patch for using the script on 
the ftp site: 

This permits BLAST analysis on the NCBI server. It's not an ideal
solution, but will do for now. Check out the README in this archive
for details.  

The remote BLASTing script cannot be configured to use an alternative
site, but this could be added without too much trouble.  If you need
to do this now, you can edit the server URL used in the
module, but any alternative site must be compatible with the NCBI web

Steve A. Chervitz   

James Tisdall writes:
 > Hi,
 >      using
 > ./ -prog blastx -db nr seq2.fasta
 > I get an error file with contents
 > <HEAD>
 > </HEAD>
 > Forwarding your request to the new system
 > Couldn't find a mention of this on mail list archives or docs.
 > Apparently NCBI moved their service.  Is there a way to configure
 > bioperl to do blast remotely at ncbi or elsewhere?
 > Many thanks,
 > Jim
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