Bioperl/ANNOUNCE Central distribution 0.04.4

Steve Chervitz (Steve A. Chervitz)
Fri, 19 Feb 1999 07:19:17 -0800 (PST)

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As promised, a maintenance release of the central distribution is now
available (version 0.04.4). The new Changes are included at the end of
this message.

Bioperl release website:

Download directly: (828K) (974K)


Steve A. Chervitz (on behalf of the Bioperl developers)
Bioperl Coordinator

Revision history for Bioperl core modules

0.04.4  Wed Feb 17 02:20:13 1999
	- Bug fixes in the Bio::Tools::Blast modules and
	  (see Bio::Tools::Blast::CHANGES).
        - Fixed a bug in Bio::Tools::Fasta::num_seqs().
        - Beefed up the t/Fasta.t test script.
        - Small fix in Bio::Seq::type() (now always returns a string).
        - Changed Bio::Root::Utilities::get_newline_char() to 
          get_newline() since it could return more than one char.
        - Added $NEWLINE and $TIMEOUT_SECS to Bio::Root::Global.
        - Changed default timeout to 20 seconds (was 3).
        - Moved lengthy modification notes to the bottom of some files.
	- Fixed SimpleAlign write_fasta bug.
	- Beefed up SimpleAlign.t test

Revision history for Perl extension and related modules.

0.075  Wed Feb 17 01:29:57 1999
        - Bug fix in which was always printing 
          usage information (reported by Ross Crowhurst).
        - Improved error detection & reporting in Blast::Run::Webblast
        - Bug fixes in _set_match_stats() now properly handles
          BLASTN output format and matches() properly handles BLASTX
        - Fixed detection of substitution matrix type in
        - Updated Blast example scripts in examples/blast/
	  (in particular,

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